Squad 6 Rules

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Squad 6 Rules

Post  Shishimaru Kusarugi on Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:33 am

We are Squad 6 the squad that is made to uphold the rules of Soul Society so i expect you to follow the squad rules to the smallest detail.

1. No Fighting
This should explain itself. We are meant to uphold the peace in the Soul Society so I expect peace in my squad. If you want to fight take it to the sparring arena

2. No Whining over your position
If you have a problem with the role you play in the squad don't just complain to me about it. Have a position battle. You challenge a person with the rank you want and either get stomped and stop complaining or win and take his rank. All position battles must be approved by me.

3. Show some respect to your superiors
This should be common courtesy but apparently some people refuse to follow it so I'll repeat it. Show respect to your elders and superiors in rank.

4. No Whining
I can't stress this enough. Don't come to me with every little problem you have. "Captain I have a splinter." or "Captain that guy hit me." I DON'T CARE SORT IT OUT YOURSELF.

5. No Weaklings
This might be the most important rule of all. No weaklings in my division. As the saying goes if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. And for those of you that are reading my last expression and saying "Duhh what does that mean?" It means that if you can't handle the required work and training I'm giving you GET OUT OF MY SQUAD!
Shishimaru Kusarugi
Shishimaru Kusarugi
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