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Victor Izuru

Post  Victor on Sun Sep 28, 2008 12:40 am

Name: Your character name of course

Age: 123

Visual Age (for Shinigamis and Vaizard only): 17

Race: shinigami

Background/History:Victor died at age 17. When he entered soul society he was lost and ran away from where his new family. When running away he ran into the old captain of the 9th division and the captain had helped Victor out during that time. From that day forth they had been meeting every day. A month after, Victor had found out that the captain had been killed and since that day Victor swore to protect his friend and entered the academy. Victor is now the 9th division captain.

Personality: Victor is mostly in a great mood when around others but when alone he tends to get sad. Something about rain makes Victor feel safe so he is usually where rain is.

Looks[optional]: Victor has brown hair and brown eyes. He is usually wearing a ring that was the 9th divisions old captian's ring.

Division: 9th

9th Division Captain
9th Division Captain

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