My Zanpaktou!

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My Zanpaktou!

Post  DaRk_LoRd on Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:50 am

Name: Pantilla Relámpago

Manifestation: It's a Dark Lightning Master

Release Phrase: Lightning

Owner: Shade

Family: Lightning

Type: Melee & Long range

Level: Shikai and Bankai

Blade Description:






1st: Lightning Discharge - electrical discharges within clouds aiming for the opponent/s 2nd: Jupiter thunder - a roundlike lightning ball that will charge and chase the opponent.

My 3rd Technique:

Ciceda Skin Shed: It allows the user to disappear instantly from their location to avoid damage. This means if this technique is activated you will never be hit by physical attacks except for range attacks like kidou or arrow. This last for 90 secs.

My 4th Technique:

1st Wind:Summons the morning winds to blow past the target and chase it, with sharp blades of wind cutting through everything in its path. The wind cuts down a path towards the targeted enemy, and deals damage to all those in the area of effect.

5th technique:

Kasumigiri (Haze Slasher)

Strikes the opponent with a fast hit which makes the user invisible in the process. If the user's hit strikes, the user will become invisible again and continue to hit the opponent..But if the 1st hit missed the technique won't work..

6th technique

Silenció ( Silence )

Using this technique will prohibit the enemy using KIDO. It means it will not allow the enemy to use a KIDO techniques for 3 posts...why? because when I cast this KIDO my zanpaktou will surrounded by dark lightning and when I attack my enemy using it and the enemy has been hit the dark lightning on my zanpaktou will transfer to my enemy´s body and will block the pathway of KIDO techniques in his body...

Shade´s Appearance in Bankai

Bankai Information:

My zanpaktou will fuse to me so my whole body will be surrounded by dark lightning. After the fusion my eyes are close and when I open my eyes the 1st person I´ll see will be automatically attack by dark lightnings coming from the sky for 1 time only..By this state I can control the lightning flowing through my body..I can release dark lightning bolts on my finger tips and can create a dark lightning ball on to my palms..And also by this state I am already invulnerable with lightning attacks and I can materialize any form of swords..All bankai have their limits so my limit is when I´ve already used all of my lightnings on my body then I´ll be back in my normal mode..
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