Asuma's Flat

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Asuma's Flat

Post  Asuma on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:53 am

The flat is a two bedroom, two bathroom with a kitchen and a living room. The flat is located on the top floor of the ten story building. There is a massive balcony with a hot tub and an out door bar. The living room is decorted pretty simply with 3 various size couches, a coffee table, a mini bar in the corner and a 50" flat screen with tivo.

The first bedroom belongs to Asuma. The room is relitively small. A computer is on the desk in the corner, across from that is a queen sized bed. A book case is also in the room loaded with hundreds of books. Above the bed is a tv attacked to the ceiling that comes down. The last thing in the room is a massive cage holding 2 chinchillas.

The second room is vacant at the moment.

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