The Yamamoto Complex

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The Yamamoto Complex

Post  Asuma on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:46 am

Within the Rukon several crime families exist. These families rule their districts like puppeteers hell bent on converting every citizen of their controlled districts. Within a currently unknown district is the complex the Yamamoto crime family rules from. Several witnesses suggest the forest on the edge of district 64 while others say the river of district 67 is the right one. All evidence suggests that this complex holds the majority of the weapons the Yamamotos traffic and will be heavily guarded.

OOC: Atm this thread is for information on the yamamotos. Feel free to post theories you think will sound good in the story. I will post a second thread with a full story on the Yamamoto complex and that will play host to a raid by Squads 6 and 7.

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