Captain's office

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Captain's office

Post  xInSaNex on Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:01 pm

Someone opens the door. It's karasu the captain of the 2nd division . He walks to his desk and sits on his chair . He looks threw the window at the blue sky . After a few minutes he says "Brrrr... It's getting cold" , then he stoud up and walked to the window . He closed the window and sayd "this shoud help" . Then he walked back to his desk , sitted down on the chair . He looked at a painting on the wall . It was a picture of his dead sister . He remembered about her and looked at the painting for a few minutes . Then he looked threw the window again and relaxed on his chair .
After 30minutes Karasu goes out of his office locks the door and heads to the barracks

The painting :

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2nd Division Captain

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