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raven rikudou app

Post  Raven Rikudou on Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:42 pm

Name:raven rikudou

Age: 12

Visual Age (for Shinigamis and Vaizard only): shinigami

Race: shinigami
Background/History:raven rikudou was a young boy with much in life to still learn he went to a school called rikudou school where they learnt how to fight as he had a brother called pluto rikudou but as pluto rikudou did not have to go to school as he was too too strong to go in but i i was to weak i am raven and my story is about me.

raven rikudou was in a school and did not win a fight as he was way way too weak and had no power as the other rikudou students did as he would train and train but it seemed as he did not get better at all as there was no ending to his weak loseing strek.as he learnt at that school he made a friend a friend that allways fighted with 3 swords as they trained for ever untill a fire started in his friends house his friends name was riku as the fired got bigger brighter and stronger roku had no way to get out as now raven rikudou got to the fire at last but it was way way too late raven had jumped in the house and got riku.raven rikudou put riku rikudou down on the grass as riku was allready passed out it was too late for riku.raven rikudou then wanted to bring rikus pride back to life as he started to fight with 3 swords he then set off of a dojo and started to learn the ways of 3 swords.

7 years have passed as he was now a master of the 3 swords and he wanted to meet his brother pluto rikudou at long last and wanted to show how strong he has got afther 7 years.he then set off for his home town as he was allso 10 divison leader and waS alot stronger then any person he was a master of 3 swords so when you fight he will allways have 3 swords on his side with the pride of his best friend riku rikudou.

Personality: all his views are is what happens happens and i will meet pluto one day and i will do anything for power no matter if my life is on the line i will still do it.he does not like to talk so plz don't talk much around him or else something bad very bad might happen.

Looks[optional]: avi

Division: 10 division leader
Raven Rikudou
Raven Rikudou
10th Division Captain
10th Division Captain

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