Techniques Rule

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Techniques Rule

Post  Shishimaru Kusarugi on Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:41 am

8 seat shinigami-Lieutenant have 3 techniques max.
Captain level shinigami have up to 6 techniques max.

Vaizards get the same ammount of techniques for there zanpaktou as captain level Shinigami. So 6 is the maximum ammount.

Quincy leader gets a max. of 6 techniques
Regular Quincy get a max. of 4 techniques

Bount leader gets a max. of 6 techniques
Regular Bounts get a max. of 4 techniques

Espada 10-7 get a max of 3 techniques
Espada 6-4 get a max of 4 techniques
Espada 3-1 get a max of 6 techniques
Shishimaru Kusarugi
Shishimaru Kusarugi
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6th Division Captain

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