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Division Rules

Post  Master on Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:18 am

The 1st Division is the leadership of the Gotei 13. So i expect all 1st Division members to carry on like leaders. By setting a good example for the other divsions. But keep in mind that you by no means have power over others from other divisions. Unless of course you of lieutenant to Captain Rank. In which i would expect the 1st division members to show the necessary respect.

We are also in charge of Administration and maybe in charge of a few valuable things. So do your best not to act like incompetent idiots, when its time to do your work.

1. What goes on in the 1st stays in the 1st. Outsiders don't need to know what goes on in this division. other than what they are suppose to know.

2. Be respectful to all your superiors. I can't stress this enough. This goes for people of superior rank from other divisions.

3. No fighting in the division or releasing of your Zanapakuto. If you must go to the sparing area. Also if you have bankai, ask permission before releasing it in the division.

4. Sudden releases of Zanapkuto's around Seiretei, without special wartime orders. Are prohibited. Unless your on a mission or in a situation that requires you to do so.

5. We will also focus on Zanjutsu, Hohou and Kidou for fighting. These are our main skill set. If you do intend to learn Hakuda you can, but don't expect to get much help from the 1st division for that. So be sure before you join this division.

6. This goes for outsiders. You are not to venture into the 1st division without being accompanied by a 1st division member. Ignoring these rules can have serious consequences.

7. Always knock and announce yourself before entering the Commander's office. Barging into the Commander's office, will be seen as blatant disrespect.

8. We have no use for weaklings. If you can't handle the pressure, then don't bother to join.

9. This is very important. If your not capable of typing 4 full lines minimum. Then Please Don't enter the 1st Division. I will only welcome good Role players and not those who are lazy. Always writing one and two liners.

(More updates to come Very Happy)


Skill Level

Zanjutsu: Master

Hohou: Master

Kidou: High

Hakuda: Below Average
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