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Skill Level

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Zanjutsu: Swordsmanship
Kidou: Demon Arts
Hohou: Shunpo/Flash Step
Hakuda: Hand to Hand Combat

Skill Levels:

Below Average

No one should be have Mastery in all 4 areas. They can have mastery in two areas and at least mid to high level skills in another. And almost no skill in another. People from the 11th would most likely have mastery in Zanjutsu and Hohou. Since they 11th doesn't use Kidou and hardly any Hakuda. However mastery in a certain area, are for people of captain level. However a captain can be beaten, or rather outclassed in a area he doesn't specialize in by someone of a lower seat. Why? Not everyone will be an expert in all fields on fighting.

Seated Shinigami: 8th-3rd seat: Average to Mid level skills. 8th seat through to 5th are mainly average and at least one mid level skill.

Lieutenants: Can have skills all the way up to "High". An Admin or a Mod may also give their own opinions, about whether or not. You should be at a certain level of skill in a certain area.

Captains: Can Have skills all the way up to "Mastery". However they may only be masters in the field they specialize in. Like a captain with Kidou skills, shouldn't be nowhere near mastery.

This should be obvious enough, that people who are at a lower level. Shouldn't even try to fight on the same level as someone above them. I've seen countless RPGs where people of a lower rank, or should be inferior to their opponent. Trying or seemingly fighting on the same level as them. So I urge everyone to know your limits. And Role play according to them.

Kidou: 1-50s spells are for 8th-4th seat Shinigami, that is their limit. Unless your a kidou user and ask permission to go over this limit. However seats 8 to 5 may only learn kidous from 1-40. If this is anyway unclear, please consult an Admin or a Mod.

Kidou: 50-70s spells are for 3rd seat to lieutenants.

Kidou: 1-80s spells are for captain level. And just maybe some lieutenants if given permission. Or if we feel they deserve it.


Vaizards as you may know, are shinigamis who obtained hollows powers. If during the role play someone becomes a Vaizard. It doesn't mean that they will be automatically more powerful or more skilled than your regular Shinigami. The same rules apply to Vaizards like those for the Shinigami. Your rank before becoming a Vaizard regulates your skill level.


Skill Level

Zanjutsu: Master

Hohou: Master

Kidou: High

Hakuda: Below Average
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