Division Rules

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Division Rules

Post  Master on Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:18 am

We are the 10th Division in charge of investigation. This means there will be times when we are called in specifically. To investigate or gather information concerning a certain matter.

1. Whatever goes on in the division stays in the division.

2. No fighting in the division. All fights or spars must be held in the sparing/training area.

3. Unless your are accompanied by a division member, your are not allowed to venture inside of the division. This goes for all outsiders.

4. Division members are expected to act in an orderly and organized manner. This is very essential to the division and the role the 10th plays.

5. We have no use for weaklings, so if your weak and donít have what it takes. Then stay away from the 10th division.

6. Show respect to your superiors. There will be consequences if you don't.

7. Always knock and announce yourself, before entering the Captain's office.

We are a division based on the usage of:

Hohou-Flash Steps
Kidou: Demon Arts
Zanjutsu: Swordsmanship

These are the basic skills in which we use to fight. We hardly have any use for Hakuda (hand to hand combat).

(Will be updated as we go along).
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