xInSaNex's sword (done)(Approved PR)

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xInSaNex's sword (done)(Approved PR)

Post  xInSaNex on Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:17 pm

Name: kuroi kusari - black chain
Manifestation: a black demon that hides in the shadows
Release Phrase: come from the shadows kusari!
Owner: Karasu Kuchiki
Family: Dark
Type: Meele
Level: Bankai
Blade description:

Sealed techniques:
chokushi (imperial messenger)
Karasu charges alitle of his reiatsu into his zanpaktou , swings it and creates a bird . It looks just like a real bird but it's made out of Karasu's reiatsu. Karasu says the name of the man who has to get the message then he tells the entire message to the bird and with the comand "GO" the bird flies away . When the bird reaches the target he repeats the hole messsage to him and than after a few seconds he disapears.

Released techniques:
dyuaru bakushin (dual dash)
Karasu charges his reiatsu into his feet and his released zanpaktou . When he charges up his reiatsu into his feet it boosts his feet . Then karasu dashes into the enemy realy fast , some of his opponents doesn't even see his movement . When he reaches the target he slashes his dual swords at the enemy and unleashes all of the reiatsu charged into the sword before the dash .

tsuchi yari suraisu (earth spear slice)
Karasu stabs his dual blades into the ground and then lounches his reiatsu into the ground. His dark energy goes threw the ground and when it reaches the enemy , the reiatsu lounches out of the ground bellow the enemy into him in a form of a spear . This attack is prety hard to dodge when you don't know it .

Bankai techniques:
kuro tate (dark shield)
Karasu starts spinning his bankai chain , he spins it so fast that it becomes like a shield for Karasu . When only spinning the chain it can only block simple attacks that are not very strong . But when karasu charges his reiatsu into the chain it can block stronger attacks. This shield is not invinsible , it cannot block all the attacks , if the attack is to strong it stops the spinning chain.

oujou jiten (death spin)
Karasu spins the chain ower his head for alitle than he throws it to the direction of the enemy and grabs the opponent with the chain . While karasu is holding the enemy with the chain he takes out his sword with his other hand . He charges his reiatsu into the sword and then points the sword to the direction of the enemy . After karasu is done charging his reiatsu into the sword he shoots it out into the target that he's holding with his chain .

shounetsujigoku tatsumaki (burning hell tornado)
Karasu starts to spin the chain ower his head and he charges his reiatsu at the chain while he's spinning it . After a few seconds a dark tornado creates ower the spinning chain . Karasu then swings his chain at the direction of his target and lounches the tornado at him. If the tornado hit's the enemy it burns him with dark fire .

makai gekido , soukei shikkaku (hell rage , total elimination)
This is the strongest technique of Karasu's zanpaktou . Karasu charges his reiatsu into his weapons . He stabs the sword into the ground . His chain becomes longer and stronger . Then karasu starts slashing his chain everywhere around him and destroying everything around him. His chain leaves strange marks on the ground , walls and the roof(if there is one) . Than karasu spins the chain around the sword stabed in the ground . He picks up the sword with a chain around it , says "Let the shadows unleash kusari!" and then the marks everywhere start flowing with dark reiatsu . Than a dark demon apears from one of the marks . He has the same chain as Karasu , becouse the demon is Karasu's zanpaktou . The demon doesn't have a sword , but he has a blue dagger . The demon is 2times faster than karasu . The demon is very powerful , but there is one bad thing about the technique . Karasu losses his bankai form and he can only use his bankai again after he's well rested and regained all of his reiatsu .
This is how the demon looks :

The demons special technique :
aoi sabure (blue sand)
Kasuri(Karasu's zanpaktou summoned) takes out his blue dagger and points it at any direction . And than he fires out a beam of blue sand . The sand does prity big damage and is realy fast .

Shinigami abilities:
Flash Step

Hadou 4: White Lightning
A powerful attack that uses Kidou in the form of lighting.

Hadou 33: Soukatsui - Way of Destruction
Kidou comes out of users hand like a big blue ball of spiritual pressure

Hadou 54: Waste Flame
Generates a fire is able to completely burn and incinerate a target of a low reiatsu. Can be used to burn lost limbs and on funeral pyres.

Soul Burial
This is preformed by all shinigami's, its how they send souls to the Soul-Society.

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Re: xInSaNex's sword (done)(Approved PR)

Post  Master on Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:31 am



Skill Level

Zanjutsu: Master

Hohou: Master

Kidou: High

Hakuda: Below Average
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