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Zanpaktou Template

Post  Shishimaru Kusarugi on Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:52 am

Release Phrase:
Blade Description:

Name is exactly what it sounds like. Every Zanpaktou has itís own, unique name and yours should be no different. The name listed should be the name of your Zanpaktou, which is typically Ė though not always Ė the name of your Shi Kai as well.

Manifestation should contain a brief, one line description of what your bladeís spirit appears to you as.

Release Phrase is the section in which you place the phrase used to release your zanpaktou into Shi Kai. For this section, please keep the phrase in English.

Owner is your player character.

Family is the particular family to which your Zanpaktou belongs. Every Zanpaktou belongs to one family, and these families are usually fairly varied. Many families are elemental, though there are a few exceptions. Current families include:


Type is the explanation of what, in general, the Kai does. Most Kai have more than one type. Melee-type blades have abilities that are used in close-combat and generally deal greater physical damage. Ranged-type blades are those which deal damage from a medium or long range but do it through methods other than Kidou. Kidou-type blades generally enhance ones Kidou or Kidou casting skills. Attributed blades have unique abilities, similar to Kiraís from the manga, which arenít really classified under other types. Summoning blades bring unique creature into existence that fight for their owners.

Level is simply the highest level of release that the blade possesses. If it is Shikai or Bankai. If you newly attain your bankai post the link of your training here. Should have atleast 3 pages.

Blade Description is a short write-up or an image of what the blade looks like in itís sealed state, shikai form, and bankai form.

Link should simply contain a link to your character profile. Your character must be approved by admins.

Ability This should contain the abilities of your zanpaktou when it's in shikai or bankai.

Techniques should contain a short, simple description of what techniques or abilities it possesses. Please state if the technique is in shikai state or bankai state. For the techniques make a clear description about it!
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