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Character Template

Post  Shishimaru Kusarugi on Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:50 am


Name: Your character name of course

Age: How old your character is.

Visual Age (for Shinigamis and Vaizard only): no need to explain for this

Race: There are five race in the game. The shinigami, Vaizard, Quincy, Bountou, and Arrancar.

Background/History:Tell more about your history. More details much better

Personality: Tell us what your character is like. What are his/her views in life? How does he behave?

Looks[optional]: What was your character looks like

Division: If you are a shinigami choose from 1-13 division or in kido corps

NOTE: No use of Canon Characters!
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Shishimaru Kusarugi
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6th Division Captain

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