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my character

Post  Raptordavid on Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:07 am


Name:hashi urufu (edge wolf)


Visual Age (for Shinigamis and Vaizard only): 18

Race: Shinigimi

Background/History: Born in the middle districts of Rukongai searching for his parents, while searching he found new meaning from saving some youngsters thats when he saw the court of pure souls. From there on he has been training ever since. During that time he was given a light sword by village elders to assist in training. While in a fight with a hollow I froze and suffered horrific damage along with friends almost killed, shinigimi arrived and stopped the hollows rampage: thats why he now also strives to become a shinigimi and try to purge hollows for protecting his fellow companions.

Personality: Aggressive when fighting and carm when not. Always plans his next 5 or so attacks to gain a slight advantage.
Looks[optional]: Division: 8th squad


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